Sunday, 10 December 2017

Telugu Quotations On HD Wallpapers

Here are some beautiful Telugu Quotations On HD Wallpapers please go through the quotes and do not forget to share the quotes if you like them...definitely you will be special in your circles if share them in your circles...here is the quote....

andamaina vaallandaru
manchi vaallu kaadu
manchi vaallandaru 
andangaane kanipistharu
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Latest Telugu Quotes On HD images

Here are some beautiful and Latest Telugu Quotes On HD  images.These are prepared to win your hearts and iam sure you will also win the hearts of your friends and relatives when you share this in your comunities.Here is the telugu quote for you....

gatham gurinchi aalochana
kanneellanu pettisthundi
bhavishyatthu gurinchi aalochana
bhayaanni puttisthundi
ee kshanam okkate
anandaanni panchipedutundi

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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Good morning wishes in telugu

Here are some beautiful Good morning wishes in telugu you can surprise your friends and relatives by sharing in different groups.

mana chuttoo unna vaaru
mana samasyalni
parishkarinchaalsina avasaram ledu
kaani vaare oka 
samasyagaa maarakudaa unte chaalu
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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Telugu Good Morning Images Free Download

Here are some Telugu Good Morning Images Free Download these images are free to download and you can share to your friends on all social sites.

Telugu Good Morning Images Free Download

udayinchgaane kaadu
nee chuttu unna cheekatlu
maayam kaavaalante
nee vanthu prayatnagaa nuvvu 
kallu koodaa thervaalil
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Telugu quotations wallpapers

Here are some beautiful Telugu quotations wallpapers which are prepared to stole your hearts these quotations in Telugu which are on beautiful wallpapers can be shared on all social sites definitely quotes in Telugu language will impress you and your friends and relatives circles so please share this quotes to your friends and relatives

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Powerful Telugu Quote With Pawan Kalyan Image

Here is a powerful telugu quote with powerstar pawan kalayn image.Please share the quote in telugu in all your groups.

donga mitrudu nee 
nee jeevitham veluguthunnappudu
nee vente undi
cheektlu musurukunnappudu maatram
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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Best telugu quotes on HD Images

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shubharatri quote in telugu

Here is a beautiful shubharatri quote in telugu to share with your friends this night and make them to wake up with new dreams.This will be displayed perfectly on all smart phones like samsung lenova nokia etc with glorious appeal....

gadini shubraparichinatte 
manassuni koodaa 
chedu aalochanalu perukupoyi
brathuku naraka praayamavutundi

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