Quotes on realising life in telugu free download

This amazing quote says you a life lesson after reading the quote in the telugu language definitely you will stop feelling tense for even  small things in the life.You will feel of sharing it to your loved ones.this Quote on realising life in telugu free download says about the mind which is responsible for the entire mess in the life of the human beings.This Quote on realising life in telugu free download is made with a powerful meaning.

ee jeevithaanni
prathi kshanam
antha tension paduthu
gadipivundaalsindi kaadu
chivari kshanamlo anipinchaka maanadu

When you are on the death bed and if you look back in to your life you will definitely realise that life is so simple and you will realise that the situations in which you have felt tensed are not that much intensive.You will notice the beauty of life when it has been  passed away.Hope you loved this amazing quote
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