Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Telugu poems with Hd images

If you are searching for Telugu poems with HD images then you are in the right site. Here in this site specially in this post you will come across beautifully written Telugu poems on HD images. These HD backgrounds make the poems in Telugu language more beautiful and lovely

Telugu poems

Nuvve tha dhanavanthudivo
Theliya alanti
Ni daggarundi manasuloni kaadu
Nuvvu baadhalo unnappudu
Ni kannellani thuduvataaniki
Mundhu kichhi chethulni

Poems in telugu

Manam ang sekarinchi leni
Konni katha vaasthavaalni
Konni kattina sathya ani
Ang sekarinchi
Manaspoorthiga sweekarinchi
Munduku sahasam 
Mokshaaniki maargam

I hope you are satisfied with this beautiful Telugu poems with HD images and these poems in Telugu on HD images will be updated frequently please visit the sites frequently to catch the updates thank you for visiting the site.


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