how to detect hidden/spy camera in hotel rooms,trial/dress changing rooms

Technology made our lives very much simpler,happier,comfortable and luxurious.On the other hand the same technology created havoc in the lives of many people.
Some inventions in the field of science became more dangerous in the hands of perverts.One among of those inventions is a spy camera.

Now a days spy camera is being installed in many hotel rooms,girls bath rooms,trial rooms, and in the dress changing rooms targeting ladies.These spy cameras are very well designed in order to capture HD videos.Later these videos will be sold on the black side of the Internet market for huge amount.It will be very much disturbing and even a life taken one if these videos appear on porn sites.
So be alert when you use the hotel rooms,dress changing rooms etc.
Now a big question stands in front of you and that question will be how can we find any hidden camera.
It is very simple and the same technology which creates the problems also gives the solutions.
Here are some tips which can be employed very easily and detect the presence of a spy camera.
Before going to the main theme of the post,let us see in how many different forms a peeping eye can be.
A peeping eye can be as a-
1) Spy camera
2) A 2-Way mirror.
SPY CAMERA:How to detect the presence of a spy camera.
1st METHOD:First of all after entering in to the room like a trial room or any hotel room, if you   doubt the presence of a spy camera,immediately check the signals of your phone and try to make a call if your call gets disconnected and if you find no signal bars on the screen then there is a chance of hidden camera.This is because the signals of your phone are interfered by the optic fibres present in the cables of the camera.
This method may not give you the perfect results because the phone signals in the interior part of the trial rooms may be sometimes weak.
2nd METHOD:This will be the perfect method and i recommend you to follow this method it is very simple and just takes few seconds.
After entering int o the room if possible put off the lights in the room to get perfect results and then start scanning each and every corner of the the room where you have doubt with the help of your mobile digital camera.that means, on the camera or run the video capturing mode and turn it all around the room.
Generally spy cameras will capture the images by scattering infra red IR rays.These rays are invisible for the human naked eye,but these are very easily detected by the mobile digital camera.If you find any flash of IR rays on the mobile camera then it is the perfect indication of presence of a spy camera.
You can verify this technique by a small experiment at your home.
EXPERIMENT:Your TV remote works by emitting IR rays.Now put your phone camera near the remote bulb and press any key of the remote.You can see the flash of IR rays detected by the mobile camera on the screen.This is illustrated in the below video.

2-WAY MIRROR:If you find any mirror hanging in the room then be careful it can be a 2 way-mirror.You can be watched from the other side or there may be a spy camera other side.
In the 2 way mirror you can see your image and you can not see the other side but the eye on the other side can see you.So be careful.
HOW TO DETECT A 2 WAY MIRROR; A 2 -way mirror can be detected very easily with the help of a finger test.
Touch the mirror with the help of you finger.If you observe any gap between the finger nail and image nail then it is a genuine mirror.If you find no gap and if you find the finger nail and image nail directly touches then it is a 2 way mirror.

Video source NAVEED SAEED  a youtube channel.
In this way you can detect very easily a hidden camera in hotel rooms,trial rooms and dress changing rooms.
Be aware and spread this to every one so that no one becomes victim of the spy cameras.


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