Senior citizen friendly phones

If you observe the mobile phone market,there is a steady stream of mobile phone releases almost every day.Mobile phone companies target mainly the youth who often change their models and look for a update version.
But there is one category on which the mobile phone companies do not target and that category is senior citizens.
Many older people have failing eye sight.The small fonts and icons become hard to use.Typing on a touch screen can also be harder for the senior citizens.
Some models are now available in india which are user friendly for the senior citizens.
PHILIPS XENIUM X2566;This phone features with large buttons and with big printed fonts for dialing or texting.
You can turn this phone in to a magnifying glass where ever you feel the font is tiny.
This phone is designed with a dedicated SOS button.It allows you to identify a maximum of three phone numbers where you can get immediate help when emergency occurs.When you activate SOS button the phone automatically connect to the numbers untill your call gets answered.
This phone has got high volume speakers which allows the ringtones to be louder.
This phone can be on in stand by mode for about one month on a single charge.
It allows up to 20 hours conversation time on a single charge.The cost is about 3800.

iBALL ASAAN 2;This phone has easy to read screen with large fonts the main feature of this phone is large keypad.This phone comes with SOS button and can give automatic ring to about five numbers in emergency.The cost of this phone is about 2990 rupees only.
MAGICON SENIOR DUO;The price of this is about 1500.This phone is also loaded with all features like large display,magnified text and with a SOS button to help the seniors in emergency.This phone also has got the screen with high contrast.
Even though there are some more models released for senior citizens but the above are the best models with features like large text display,long battery standby and long conversation time on a single charge and with useful SOS button where this button gives a emergency call to the desired numbers untill the call is answered.

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