super hit hindi serials and their title songs

Up to the year 1995 tnere was only one channel in india and that was the doordarshan.
For every kid who started watching  television in late 80's and and early 90's ,every programe turned out  in to a sweet  memory now.
In those days most of the house holds used to have a portable black and white  television sets which made there lives more colourful.
7 old hindi serials and their title songs ....
just be ready to collect your childhood memories.

Dekh bhai dekh which was a family entertainer premiered on dooradarshan channel.The first episode was telecasted on 6th may 1993 when i was in 10 th class( you can collect your memories),Final episode was telecasted on 11th august 1994.
Shaker suman became familiar as an actor by this serial.
The title song was sung by Uditnarayan.
 watch it here and bring back your memories.
Jungle book is the kids serial. we used to watch it  on every sunday morning.
We used to wait very eagerly specially for this programme .
Sherkhaan, mogli ,balu,bageera were the names of the mogli friends in the animal kingdom which we never forget .
The first episode was telecasted on 2nd october 1989 the last episode was telecasted on 10th october 1990.
Just wake up your memories by watching the title song .
It was telecasted in the years 1987 -88.It is children's mystery and detective serial.
We used to watch this serial very enthusiastically ,imagining as if our friends group is involving in the operation on the screen .
This serial made our friendship bonds more stronger in those days.

malgudi days is actually the work of RK . Narayan.
Kannada actor shanker nag directed and acted in malgudi days
Malgudi days means for us swamy and friends ,it was a series of episodes attracted the kids very much in those days .
Manju nath nayaker is the name of the kid who played the role swami .
It was actually an American based animated serial produced by Walt Disney .
It was dubbed in hindi and aired in india in the year 1987 for the first time  and the series was ended in the year 1990.
We used to wait for one week to watch it again on next Sunday.

This serial contains stories from indian mythology.
The king vikram aditya tries to capture the ghost ,bethal through out the series and listens to number of stories said by the betala,actually these stories targets the kids those who are listening to the stories, to educate them
Ramanand sagar was the producer.
It was telecasted in the year 1988

It was India's popular cultural magazine show.
It was hosted by Siddhartha kak and renuka sahane .
It was aired on doordarshan from the year
1993 to 2001
It was listed in the limca book of records for gaining highest number of viewers.
Every Sunday night at 9.30 we used to say good bye to sunday with surabhi serial.

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