Good Telugu Quotes For Facebook Users

This is is the site in which you can find Good Telugu Quotes specially for facebook users.Facebook has become a part of our life today and many of us very often updates the status of facebook.We greet our friends and relatives on different events with beautiful and good Telugu Quotes .You can download these telugu Quotes and send them to your friends and relatives on facebook or whatsapp so that they are pleased and will develop good impression on you for sharing such a beautiful telugu Quotes for them.These quotes  are specially prepared to use in different ocassions for our life.

Good Telugu Quotes For Facebook Users

chinna chinna samasyalu
ee jeevithapu roaddu meeda
speed breakerla laantivi
pedda pedda npramaadaala nundi
manalni kaapaadataanike
avi appudappudu 
vasthu vuntaayi
If you want to download thew image just click mon the image.You can get the telugu quotes for free.One of the  above telugu quotes means that we must not get uposet for the small problems which we face very often in our life because those small problems are just like the speed breakers which come on the road here and there.These only comes to save us from the big accidents.So it says not to get upset for small problems and says to just to move forward.

Best Telugu Quotes  Wallpapers

Thandri antaadu kodukuto
kanna jagrattagaa naduvu
koduku ilaa spandistaadu
mundu nuvvu jagrattagaa naduvu
nenu nadichedi
nee adugu jaadallone
This one of the awesome Telugu Quotes says you that children are always watching us and they will learn all the things which we perform in our daily life.So if you want your kids to grow in a discipline manner there is no other way you have to firstly maintain the discipline and expect your kids to maintain the discipline.So be carefull kids will walk in our foot prints always walk in a dignified and best root.This is the theme of this amazing telugu quotes

Telugu Quotes Images

jeevitham chaavu 
puttukala naduma 
ati chinna prayaanam
kaabatti navvutu jeevinchu
lokam meeda 
vedajallutu jeevinchu
The theme of this awesome telugu quotes is that thelife is a small journey between birth and the death so we have to be happy all the time.We must make others also happy.
These are the fabulous and Good Telugu Quotes for face book users.You can download these telugu quotes and can be shared on all social sites with out any copyright issue.I hope you are satisfied with these Good Telugu Quotes and hope you visit the site again thank you very much for visiting the site.......Have a nice time......

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