Inspirational Quotes In Telugu-Life Quotes In Telugu

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Inspirational Quotes In Telugu

chinna chinna samasyalu 
ee jeevithapu roaddu meeda
speed breakerla laantivi
padda pedda samasyalanundi 
manalni kaapaadataaniki
avi appudappudu
vastuu vuntaayi
This amazing Inspirational Quotes In Telugu telugu says that we must not become upset for the small problems we often face in our life journey.It says that these small problems are just like speed breakers when we compare the life to a road.These small problems are caused inbetween the journey only to protect us from big accidents.So this beautiful telugu quotes motivates us to pass the problems without getting the hurt.

Telugu Quotes On Life In Telugu Language

mana chetulloo unnantha kaalam
manasantha manchidi ledu
cheyi daatipoyindhante
manasantha cheddadi leda
This amazing telugu quotes on life in telugu language says you that the mind will be like a friend if it is in your control and if you are in the control of the mind then that mind turns in to a enemy.So it says that always try to keep the mind in your hands so as to lead a happy life.

Telugu Inspirational Quotes Wallpapers

gadichipoyina rojunu
janede annappude
ee roju yokka 
sundaramaina prayaanam
This telugu inspirational quotes wallpapers saya you about the importance of present moment.It says you to forget about the past and concentrate completely on the present moment so as to lead a happy life.Actually this is the principle to be happy which was said by most of the mind masters through out the world.

Telugu Quotes On Life With Images

jeevitham chaavu puttukala naduma
ati chinna prayaanam
kaabatti navvutu jeevinchu
lokam meeda
veda jallutu jeevinchu
This telugu quote on life with images says you to be happy and spend the life with lots of smiles it says that the life is very small journey between the birth and the death so we have to spend that life with more number of smiles.
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