Telugu Quotes With Telugu Good Morning Imags HD

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Telugu Quotes With Telugu Good Morning Images HD

gadichipoyina rojunu 
janede annappude
ee roju yokka 
sundaramaina praqyaanam 
This Telugu Quotes With Telugu Good Morning Imags HD says you to letgo the past day.when you letgo the past day only you can start a new day whole heartedly.So always be detached from the past,dont catch the past because it will make you to live a painful life.

Telugu Good Morning Quotes

saahasam cheyaali
gelisthe cheyi andinchavachhu
daarichoopincha vachhu
this amazing quotes in telugu  says you to take risk in the life if you do not take risk in the life you can not creat history.Incase in the process of taking risk if you fail you can lead others towards the right way and if you win the battle you can give your hands to the new commer.

Good Morning Quotes In  Telugu Images

jeevitham chaavu puttukala
ati chinna prayaanam
navvutuu jeevinchu
chirunavvulu vedajallutu jeevinchu
This telugu quote says you that the life is a very small journey between death and the birth so it says to live happily with lots of smiles and by sharing smiles with the world.

Telugu Good Morning Images Free Download

mana chetullo unnantha kaalam
manasantha manchidi ledu
cheyi daati poyindante
manasantha cheddadi ledu
This telugu good morning image says you about your mind,if your mind is in your hands then it is llike a friend and if it is out of control then it is like a enemy.So always make your mind as your friend that means always try keep the mind in your hands.////////////////////////////////

Telugu Good Morning Kavithalu

vadanam meeda merise chirunavvu
chesina santhakam laantidi
daanni cherigiponivvaddu
This Telugu good morning kavithalu says you that the beautiful smile on your face is nothing but bthe signature of the god,do not erase it with tears.

Telugu Good Morning Inspirational Quotes

thandri antaadu kodukuto
kannaa jagrattagaa naduvu
koduku ilaa spandisthaadu
naannaa mundu nuvvu jagrattagaa naduvu
nenu nadichedi 
nee adugu jaadallolne
This telugu inspirational quotes says that kids always follow the elders and the elders should be dignified and go on a right path then the kids will follow them and chance of kids getting spoiled will be reduced.

Best Good Morning Quotes Wishes In Telugu

chinna chinna samasyalu 
ee jevithapu roaddu meeda
speed breakarla laantivi
pedda pedda pramaadaala nundi
manalni kaapaadataanike
avi appudappudu 
vasthuu vuntaayi
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