Best Telugu Quotes On Human Problems

Here in this post you will be presented with Best Telugu Quotes On Human Problems which says you how to behave and what to do in the hard situattions.In this site you can also get the quotes in telugu language which are tagged on various titles.
The great mind masters of the world said it will be very much problematic and pressure on the heart if we always try to hold the pain in the heart.Instead of holding any pain in the heart sometimes we have to release the pain just by weeping  completely which takes away all sorts of  pain inside the heart or it may takes away the pressure you are facing.This makes your heart light and makes you to feel light.

drudhangaa undalem
undakoodadhu kooda
oontarithanaanni aashrayinchi
naalugu kanneeti botlu

This lovely quotes in telugu language says you about the way you have to react when a problem arises or when you come across a big hurdle in the life.This says you that we can not stay strong always when the problems arises it says that some times we have to love the loneliness and we have to wash out the entire negativity which is stored inside.
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