Nice Telugu Quotes With Beautiful Images And Wishes In Telugu

Many people will be in the search of beautiful Telugu Quotes for wishing their relatives and friends in different occassions.So for those people those who are searching for Nice Telugu Quotes With Beautiful Images And Wishes In Telugu then this is the site which you loves very much because here in this site you get amazing quotations in telugu to share on different social sites where you have group of your friends and relatives.

Telugu Quotes On Life

Many people will be fedup with their life because of horrible problems in their lives and finds very much difficult to spend their life.For those people those who wants motivation they can get many motivational quotes in telugu language in this site

.These quotes in telugu which motivates the minds of the people are prepared from the words of great mind masters through out the world.In this site you can get the telugu quotes which contains the eckhart tolle quotes in telugu language,sister shivani quotes in telugu can also get jiddu krishna murthy quotes in telugu,swami vivekananda quotes in telugu,ramana maharshi quotes in telugu and also you can get the great mahabharatha quotes in telugu language and even ramayana quotes in telugu language and also you can get bhagavad githa quotes in telugu.These Nice Telugu Quotes With Beautiful Images And Wishes In Telugu will no doubt boosts your spirit to the higher levels of consciousness.These quotes can be categorised in to different groups such as telugu quotes quotations in telugu telugu wishes telugu quotes images  telugu quotes on life friendship quotes in telugu life quotes in telugu love quotes in telugu telugu quotes adda quotes telugu telugu love quotes telugu love images telugu messages good quotes in telugu telugu koteshans telugu greetings spiritual quotes in telugu etc.
I believe in god even when he is silent
i believe in sun even when it is not shining
i believe in love even when iam alone

Quotes In Telugu Language

nee mounaanni artham chesukolenivaaru
nii maatalni koodaa artham chesukoleru
This amazing quote says you that the people those who do not understand your words will never understands your silence.In this there is a lot of inner meaning it says you that when you are choosing the friends chooe them in that way so that they are perfect and understands you in all aspects.

Best Telugu Quotes

porapaatuna kooda
nee balaheenathalni
prapanchaaaniki parichayam cheyaku
endukante okari
balaheenathalatho aadukovadam
prapanchaansiki chaalaa sarada
Here we can understand that we must not reveal all our weaknesses to the world because the world will silently listen to your weaknesses and when required the world will not hesitate to play with you by using your weaknesses.So be carefull when you are doing friendship.

Telugu Life Quotes

The quotes in telugu language which you get here in this site are the best quotes in telugu.When ever you are in the state of negativity and getting nothing to think then it will be the time for you to think about the telugu images and some beautiful love telugu life quotes which are obtained in thi quotes adda. We all know that the mother is the person who thinks about us right from our birth to entire life for that mother who spends her complete time in thinking about us,we can send her good thoughts on mother with the help of  mother quotes in telugu and make her happy.These telugu quotes makes her to feel that we are thinking about her and she feels happy.

Telugu Kavithalu On Friendship

thappudu vyakthule
paathaalu nerputghaaru
This makes you unerstand that in the life the people who betray you will make you to learn the right lessons.So the people who are got cheated and who are betrayed will gain lot of knowledge in  the life and becomes more experience in their life.

Telugu Quotations On Inspiration 

Telugu Love Quotations

 Every will not know their actual strength they will be in the fear and always be in the fear that fear makes their strength weeken and they face failure in the every work they perform and fall in to depression that means they are unable to the work insspite of having great art of doing that particular in tat case we can just boost those type of persons just by making them conccious about their actual strength.This can be done by sending them best telugu quotes telugu spiritual quotes and sending them  telugu quotations on inspiration.

Sri Sri Telugu Quotes

thananthatathaanai nii dhariki raadhu
This is the famous telugu saying which was said by sri sri the great telugu poet of all time.Sri Sri is the famous poet of telugu land he wrote many poems inj telugu mainly on the revolutionary aspects and he is called as viplava kavi in telugu language.This famous telugu quote by sri sri says you that if you want to get anything in the life you to search for it.

Telugu Motivational Quotations 

this says you about the importance of the smile and also says you that when you smile the smile makes your life happier and more meaningful.Always spend the life with lots of smiles.Every day start your time table with a smile so that your mood will be in the positive state and you can spend the entire day in the lot of positivity with more number of smiles.Thses smiles not only makes your day beautiful but also makes the life of the people those who are mingled with you in the life also beautiful.

Telugu Quotes Wallpapers

nee lopali
chedaragotte avakaasham
evvari maatalaku
Lot of people in the world always speaks very rashly in different occassions of your life so when you are dealing with those people be careful and do not get hurt.You are basically made of bundles of inner peace and this asks you not destroy your inner peace by taking the words of the people to the heart.

Quotes Adda In Telugu

Best telugu quotations in telugu language and love images are available in large quantities in this site which is telugu quotes adda and you can get here  telugu famous telugu quotes and love telugu quotes  and also quotes on life in telugu and  telugu quotes wallpapers along with life quotes and telugu quotes adda in telugu love quotations in telugu with images.

This says thanks to the people those who have left you by betraying you. It asks you to say thanks because when the people leave you alone then you have to work alone this makes you stronger and stronger in the life and allows you to solve more number of problems very easily.SO always say thanks to the people thosze who have gone away by leaving you alone but never scold them by making your mind polluted and making your conciousness filled with lots of negativity. 

Telugu Best Koteshans

Here this quote gives you idea about the path of your life journey it says you about the path if the path is difficult then the meaning is the destiny is going to be very beautiful.

Inspiring Quotes In Telugu

Telugu best koteshans along with  telugu best quotes in telugu telugu quotes on love love quotes telugu telugu slogans quotes in telugu language telugu good quotes mothers day quotes in telugu good telugu quotes love images in telugu inspiring quotes in telugu telugu images with quotes slogans in telugu telugu wallpapers love wife and husband quotes in telugu love koteshans in telugu mother quotes in telugu language inspirational telugu quotes sad quotes in telugu telugu love koteshans telugu kavithalu on friendship education quotes beautiful quotes in telugu motivational quotes in telugu good quotations telugu

Telugu Motivational Quotes

Telugu Good Quotes 

Telugu Quotes On Love

 Telugu Love  Images 

Telugu Spiritual Quotes

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telugu wishes telugu quotes images telugu quotes on life friendship quotes in telugu love quotes in telugu telugu quotes adda quotes telugu telugu love quotes motivational speech in telugu telugu love images good quotes in telugu telugu koteshans telugu greetings spiritual quotes in telugu telugu images love telugu life quotes mother quotes in telugu best telugu quotes marriage quotes in telugu telugu spiritual quotes telugu quotations on inspiration telugu quotations in telugu language love images telugu quotes adda telugu famous telugu quotes quotes in telugu on life love telugu quotes
quotes on life in telugu.
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