Quotations In Telugu To Spend Your Life Happily

Today we are spending our life with enormous amount of stress and pressure and we are unable to enjoy the life .Here in this epic post you will find some fantastic Quotations In Telugu To Spend Your  Life Happily.These Telugu quotations make your life smooth and reduces your burden of thoughts.

Quotations In Telugu To Spend Your  Life Happily

In today's life we are crossing every moment with great pressure and burden.We are generating number of unnecessary thoughts and we are loosing the presence we are not at all living in the presence either we are living in the past or either we will live in the future,because of this our thought process is increasing enormously.

So here is the beautiful telugu thought which says you about the life.
inkentha samayam
evvariki theliyadu 
be happy
This amazing quotation in telugu language says you that we are unaware of the time and we dont know when we are going to leave this world.so this quote says you to leave spend th time happily.
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