use this telugu quote to wish your friend good night

If you want to wish your friend good night with a beautiful telugu quote then you will love this post headed by use this telugu quote to  wish your friend good night.This message is loaded with a beautiful thought which will inspire you a lot.
In this quote in telugu you will get a differentiation between a friend and a enemy.It gives you a clear idea about the roles of a enemy and a friend in the life drama.Now look at the quote which is written on a beautiful background.

use this telugu quote to  wish your friend good night

oka kaaryaanni
shatruvu kaaranamaithaadu
aa kaaryaanni
mitrulu thodaithaaru
This wonderful thought in telugu says you that every work in the life which is started in the every one's life almost in large number of cases they will be started by initiating which is obtained from a enemy.To achieve that goal and to win on the enemy for every one they will be assisted by the friends.The above telugu quote says you at the enhd shubharaatri. 
The above beautiful telugu good night image is shareable with the help of image say subharatri to your friends by sharing the above wonderful image with good night telugu wishes.This makes your circle inspired and gives some inspiration to your friends.
Hope you loved this post use this telugu quote to  wish your friend good night and wish your friend a good night in their mother tounge telugu.

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