wonderful telugu quotes on life failure

What happens when anyone fails in the life.How people are going to behave with te failure people.What will be the difference you are going to notice between the reaction of the people in the both the cases this can be very easily understood by this wonderful telugu quotes on life failure.This telugu quotes are free to download and can be shared very easily with the help of  image sharer.
goppa velugulo nuvvunnappudu
andaru nee vente untaaru
ninnu cheekatlu musurukunnappudu
nee needa koodaa
nee venta undadu

This amazing telugu quote says you that wjen you are glowing with the wealth everybody will be with you and say yes to your words but when you meet with the failure no one will with you not only the people but your own shadow will also leave you when you are in the financial darkness.
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