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If you love telugu quotes and searching for some thoughts which inspire you by revealing the lessons of life then you are in the right place.The messages in telugu language which you are going to come across in this site definitely will make you surprise.Specially this post with the heading good quotes in telugu on life free download is a rare quote prepared carefully for you please go through it and share to your friends on facebook or whats app if you feel to be good.

telugu quotations on inspiration 

The thought which is given below says about the mind and the thoughts.
It goes like this...telugu quote in english font..
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                manassu udyaanavanam laantidi
                  aalochanalu vitthannaallantivi
                  poola mokkalu molavaalanna
                      mulla chetlu mollavaalanna
                       mana chethullone undi

telugu quotations images

The above wonderful telugu quotations images compares the mind as the garden and thoughts as the seeds.So it says that the type of trees which grow in the garden depends on you and it is present in your hands,it means that if you create positive thoughts and good thoughts you will be happy this happiness in the above telugu quotes in telugu font is compared to the plants which bears the flowers.and it also says you that if you create bad thoughts and negative thoughts then it leads to unhappiness in your life and this unhappiness in the above telugu quotations on inspiration is compared to the plants or trees which bears the thorns.
So the beautiful message in the above telugu image is that every thing is in your thoughts if you want to be happy you have to create positive thoughts.
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