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Hello guys,welcome to the site,here in this post iam going to share with you some awesome Love Quotes In Telugu download which are trending on this site.Every one of us will fall in love in one or the other time in the college days.These college days are filled with  so much exciting because we meet number of beautiful girls.Every one will meet their love in these days and will be very much eager to send wishes to the lover in telugu language and some lovers will be very much eager to share their love experiences in telugu in beautiful telugu words.So those guys can very easily download these beautiful love sayings in telugu and can share with their friends to have an amazing experience.

love failure quotes in telugu 

nee gunde roopudiddukodaaniki
9 nelalu pattindi
daanni 9 kshanaallo
mukkalu chese avakaasham 
evvariki ivvaku
This beautiful love failure quotes in telugu says you how you are going to break your heart it explains that it took about 9 months for the formation of heart in the mothers womb.This love quote in telugu says you not to allow any girl or any other to break or hurt your beautiful heart within 9 seconds.This message say you that love is not the complete life and do not completely break your heart and spoil your life.

telugu love quotes hd wallpapers 

ninnu noppinchina vaari meeda
pratheekaaram thesukovaddu
amulyamaina ninnu
vaaru already kolpoyi vunnaaru
This awesome inmage says you that when ever somebody or any girl hurts your heart do not spend your time in taking revenge on the girl or doing some harm to the girl justj remember that she will suffewr a lot in the futrure as she has lost a beautiful man like you with a kind heart so this telugu love quotes hd wallpaper says you to be dighnified and stay positive when you face a great failure in the love.

best love quotations in telugu download 

edurudebba thagilinappudu
thondara padaku
kaasepu aagi aalochinchu
jeevitham neekedo
nerpadaaniki prayathnisthundani
This gives you a beautiful information when your love fails.This is alltime best love quotations in telugu which can be freely downloaded.This gives you a lovely message saying that when ever you faces a failure in the love do not take drastical steps like ending the beautiful and loving life given by the god for us.This also says you not to take any dangerous step of taking revenge on the girl.This says you that wait for a while when you are hurt in the love and asks you to understand that llife is trying to teach you a lesson.

telugu love images quotes 

moname ekkuva
This wonderful wallpaper says you that in the process of love some times silence speaks more than the words in telugu.That means silence of the girl or the boy passes a message clearly then the words.In this type of situations love words in telugu becomes useless and the lovers speaks only with their eyes in silence that is the power of the love.

telugu love images download 

gundello daagivunnadi
With beautiful girl background this amazing telugu love image gives you a loving touch to your heart when you go through these telulgu lines.This says that when there is a feeling of love in the eyes of a lover then that feeling will be expressed in the eyes very clearly.That feeling will be expressed in the eyes of the lover in the form of of a twinkling light so that the boy will be pleased.

telugu love failure quotes images

andamaina vyakthini
nee prapanchaanni
andangaa theerchididde vyakthini
ennukovadam manchidi
this wonderful quote says you about choosing the lifepartner.This gives you a meaningful idea by saying that instead of selecting a beautiful partner you have to select a partner who makes your life beautiful.This makes very clear that beauty is such a type of concept which is pertaining to the interior of the pysical body that means beauty is the beauty os the soul but the physical beauty is not permanent it is friends do not give much importance to the physical beauty which may loose its shiny in due course of time.

telugu love images hd

kallatho chadavalemu
chevulatho vinalemu
oka maarmika bhaasha
This lovely telugu lve quote comes with a lovely essence of love.This says that the love of a man or a women or the love of any living thing is compared here with a beautiful and sacred language,this says that the language of love is mysterious and this language can not be herd by the ears and can not be read by the eyes.So the people those who are in the love can only read abd herer such a beautiful language. 

heart touching telugu love messages 

aame pedavullu
e kaviki
raayashakyamu kaani
rendu goppa
bhaava chitraalu
This is wonderful love message in telugu describes about the lips of her showing  or expressing the love towards here.This says that her lips are something like which can not be written in words or which can not be explained in terms of kavithalu in telugu by any poet.The lips of her just like the metaphars which are not written by any poet so far.

love quotes for her in telugu 

naa hrudayaanni
vembadisthu vasthe
nee dariki cherchindi
Here you are with one more wonderful love quote in telugu which catches the attention within no time this says that when th elover follows is heart is heart led him to the lover.Such a beautiful feeling expressed in the quote which says clearly that the lover always thinks about the girl whom he loved so much.It is clear that the heart of the boy always searches for the girl.

heart touching quotes in telugu for facebook 

prema puttadaaniki kshanam chaalu
jeevitha kaalam saripodu
Thees telugu words expresses the beautigul feeling of the love.This says about how the love generates.This says that for the causing of the love it takes onl;y few seconds but if you want to forget the lve it takes on life time.This love quote in telugu reveals the power of the love and says us that how a  girl or boy gets addicted to the love.

Love Quotes In Telugu 
These are the love quotes in telugu download .please vist the site again and please share the quotes in telugu with your friends and relatives.thank you.

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