Good Night Quotes In Telugu Free Download

Good Night Quotes In Telugu Free Download

When the day ends every will remain with the lot of mess in their brains disturbing them and not allowing them to have a sound sleep.Days today are much complicated and it became very hard to lead the normal life because every one has to face the lot of problems.So in order to withstand the problems and solve them successfully every one should have the nature of letting go the day which has been passed away.Every one should have the nature of letting go the situations which made them disappointed.So here are some beautiful and meaningful good night quotes which are more beautifully written in the telugu language.You can just share these and make your loved ones detached from the stress and problems of the day.These quotes makes every one feel relax and allow them to have a beautiful sleep.Here we go with them.....
One must not loose the hope at any stage of life because no one knows what tomorrow brings

 This beautiful quote says you not to loose the hope becauseof stress and problems which you face in the life.The problems which you come across will not be forever and the situations go on changing.This says that tomorrow may be a beautiful day.So this says always to wait and see and never stop hard working.
respect every drop which falls either form the sky or from the eye

 let the people to come in to your life respect the peple those who are with you and let the people go who wants to go from your life.
Do not fear if you are  alone sun in the sky is alone but still shines
 The successfull people always have two things on their lips one is smile and the other is silence

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