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Here you will come across some beautiful pieces of lines which inspires you a lot and which are easily downloadable and sharable to all your friends and relatives.These New lilfe quotes in telugu are specially prepared by observing the deep meaning rolled out in the speeches of great spiritual leaders.Now a days every one is depressed and feeling tense in facing the day to day activities.Because todays activities are so much hard to face that you have to put your complete mental energy in solving them.
You can see the grace not with the eyes but only with the love.
 This beautiful eye catching image contains amazing lines which says that you can see the god only with love you can not see the god with the eyes.This has a beautiful inner meaning that the god can not be caught physically and all the man made and mind made things are not actually the god.We can not limit such a super power which exists through out the space in to a small space with our eyes.
kallatho choodalanukovadam moorkhatvam devunni prematho maatrame choodagalam  

Telugu quotes on life 

vilaasalaku avasaraalaku madya thedaa thelusykovaalante nuvveppudoo dukhaaniki gurikaavu
If you want to be happy and free from the sorrow you have to follow and accept one evergreen true ,this true says that when you know the difference between desires , wants and luxuries you can be free from the sorrow.In todays life people are mainly falling behind the desires which are giving them the luxury and comfort.Mainly the deep sorrow of the people now a days is because of the over desires.When you stop expecting the luxuries to come on your way and when you get satisfied with the minimum requirements which makes you to live a normal life then you will be happy.
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