Telugu Quotes Trending On Facebook Subhaakankshalu Page

Telugu Quotes Trending On Facebook Subhaakankshalu Page 

 Here are some handpicked Quotes in Telugu which are trending now on subhaakankshalu Facebook Page .These telugu quotes are liked by many people in different facebook groups..These are actually derived from the words of great people which rolled out in their speeches.These are collected from different languages and are written in telugu without loosing the soul of the words spoken by the great personalities.These words are written in such a way that they can be shared to any age group of people.These are in such a way that they suits to many number of life situations of common man.
Now a days even a strong soul need a bit of inspirational word or even a strong soul nowadays will expect a little bit of boosting from nearby friends or relatives.So you can be one who inspires your friends or relatives at any time in the day.You can be one just by sharing these Telugu Quotes to your friends who are in different whats app groups or in different facebook groups or in other social sites
So here we start......
These are some of the golden words which are expressed in telugu language

Trending Telugu Quotes

 Thaamu balavanthulamani niroopinchukune prayatnam chesevaaru
andarikante balaheenulu
This one says you about some people who actually always try to insult others and hurt olthers with their painful words,by doing this they think that they are growing stong by surpressing others,this is actually a mental feeling but actually those people who are trying to do this are not strong mentally so they always feel satisfied by hurting others.

Facebook Quotes In Telugu

 success manalni jeevithamlo unnatha sthithiki cheristhe manchi pravarthana manalni andari hrudayaallo unnatha sthithiki cherusthundi
In the life success makes the people to sit on the peaks but actually if you want to be loved by the people with their hearts and if you want to have highest value in the hearts of the people you have to behave in a beautiful manner only your good character makes you higher in the hearts of the people.The inner meaning lying in this quote is that even if you got the success or failure that actually does not matter but what actually matters is your character.This is beautiful meaning of this Telugu quote

Quotes In Telugu Language

 sahanam nashisthe penchaalsindhi gonthu kaadu maatalloni arthaanni puvvulu vikshinchedi vaana chinukulake kaani urumula shabdhaaniki kaadu
This amazing quote in telugu language says you that when ever you looses your patience you must not increase the voice of the words you spoke out but you have to increase the meaning in the words.This is because the flowers will bloom only for the showers but not for the thunders .The meaning is only the sweet words will make a person to understand the logic in any message.

Quotes In Sweet Telugu

 prapanchamlo ee moodu ekkuva kaalam daagi undavu avi sooryudu chandrudu nijam
In the entire world you can nbot stop these three things.The thrree things are sooryudu chandrudu nijam.This says you that you can not stop the truth at any cost one or the other day the truth will come out side.The truth is just like sun and the moon which will not be invisible for too muich time.No one can hide the or the moon in the same way no one can stop the truth from getting revealed.

Famous Quotes On Shubaakankshalu page In Telugu

 entha swachhangaa navvuthoo undaalantejeevitham mimmalni kashtapetti kshtapetti visugettipovaali
You have to always laugh in such a way that the life itself should become tired in bringing you more and more troubles.This telugu quote carries a beautiful message that one must not get upset when he or she faces a problem in the life the problems will not lost longer one or the other day one will get the success.

Mostly Liked Telugu Quotes

mee focus anthaa koodaa parishkaaram meeda undaali problem meeda kaadu
This says you that when you faces a problem your entire concentration must be focused on the solution but you must not sit always thinking about the problem
These are some of the golden words which are expressed in telugu language.Hope you loved these Telugu Quotes.Please share the quotes if you loved them.Please bookmark the site to catch the updates.Please visit the site frequently to catch the updates.This site will be updated on a daily basis.You can give your valuable comments in the below comment box.Thank you for visiting the site.

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