Top Life Quotes In Telugu Latest

Top Life Quotes In Telugu Latest 

Here are some Latest and Top Life Quotes In Telugu.These are highly viewed quotes on facebook and on whats app and other social sites. If you like the quotes please share the quotes.These are highly provoking and contains all sorts of energy to boost the minds of the people at any time in the day.Once if you share these quotes in telugu language on life you will be outstanding in your social groups.So here are some handpicked beautiful telugu quotes on life.

life quotes in telugu language

manasunu raayi chesukune paristhithi vasthe thappa nuvventhya dhrudhangaa nilabadagalavu anna sangathi theliyadi
This says how hard the life will be and your strength to withstand the problems will be known only when you are subjected to pressure of the practical problems in the life.The inner meaning of this wonderful telugu quotes on life in telugu language is life is full of problems and you have to be strong in all situations of life.

 telugu quotes on life in telugu language

jeevitham kashtaalatho venakki laguthundante baanam laa doosukelli gurinichedinchadaaniki ninnu siddam chesthondani grahinchu bagaa venakki lagabadda baaname kadaa churuggaa munduku doosukelthundi
This one gives the message about the obstacles in the life ,if you are thrown backwards in the competition of life this life quotes in telugu language says you that life is preparing you to crack the success just like an arrow before releasing from the bow it will be pulled backwards only to pierce in to the goal with more force and accurately.

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appudappudu kallu varshinchaali kallu varshisthene hrudayam thelikavutundi brathukulo indradhanussu virusthundi
This amazing one makes you light from the burden in the heart this says you that you have to run out in the tears now and then so as to make your heart light.This telugu quotes on life download is compared tot he scenario that a rainbow will appear in the sky only when the sky showers the rain drops,here the rain drops are compared to tears.The joy in the life is compared to rainbow.
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