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 gumpunu daatipoyi edagadaaniki nuvvu puttinappudu gumpulo okadigaa brathikeyaalani choodaku 
The fine message carried by this is that when you are born to stand out of the crowd then why you are trying to live within the group limitations.This has the good meaning saying that you must not be confined within some limitations.If you are confined to any certain limitations then you will not grow in the life.If you have to grow in the life you have to break the limitaitons and all age old beliefs.
 Nee jeevitha pusthakamlo mugisipoyina adhaayaanni malli malli chaduvukuntu koorchunte kottha addhyaanni eppatiki modalupettalevu. 

Telugu Good Morning Images 

If you are keep on thinking on the situation which has been completed in your life you can never concentrate on the new life.This beautiful message says you that if you go on worrying about the past the future becomes very dull and some time may arise in your life that there will be completely dark end.That means if you worry about the past atlast you will lead to a dead end./////////////////////

enni paathaalu nerchukunnaa ontarigaa migilaaka dhrudhangaa nilabadadam elaagannade chitta chibvaraku nuvvu nerchukune paatham 
This wonderful Hd Image filled with beautiful and meaningful message which says that htrough out your life you will learn number of lessons but after remaining alone you will learn the main lesson this lesson is about to with stand strongly alone once every one goes away.
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