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Love Failure Messages In Telugu Latest Free Download

Hey lovers whether you are a lover boy or a lover girl here are the mind blowing Love Failure Messages In Telugu. Love is such a type of feeling which once acquired you will start ruling the world.These Love Failure Messages which are in Telugu which are meant for her for him can be very easily downloaded.Remember guys these are the Latest Messages.There is no failure in the Love my dear friends.You may get your lover or not there is no Love failure my dear Telugu Boys and girls.

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Love Failure Messages In Telugu Latest Free Download

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Why late here is the beautiful item presenting for you from our website

Love Failure Messages In Telugu
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Read the translation of above Love Failure message which is in telugu language below.

It is says that the boy who is in the deep love with the girl is unable to forget the girl.He does not know why the girl left him.He even does not know why he is still looking for the girl to return.

The boy accepts that every thing is over the drama is over and he knows very well the girl does not return.But he is still confused why he is looking for the girl.

You can read the telugu script of the above message here...

నువ్వు వదిలి దూరంగా ఎందుకు

వెళ్లిపోయావో తెలియదు

నువ్వు రావని తెలిసి కూడా

ఎందుకు ఎదురు చూస్తున్నానో తెలియదు

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Love is actually a positive emotion which is good for the mental stress.Dear guys dont make this positive emotion to act like a dosaster.Love should build the nation but not destroy some one or some thing.
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Love is that which is actually develops the personal relation ships.But with the small reason of love failure dont break all the relation ships.Love is great but along with that the life is important.

Hope you liked this Love Failure Messages In Telugu Latest Free Download.

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